Psychotherapy is a powerful process that can foster change and growth. However, it can be daunting or confusing for some, especially if they've had negative experiences in the past or have never met with a psychotherapist before.

How long are your sessions?

Sessions are typically 53 minutes long, but please refer to the information at my group practice site for up-to-date information at

Can I cancel my session this week?

Yes, just please do so 24-hours in advance.

What happens if I cancel same day and not 24-hours in advance?

You will be billed for that missed session.

Will I be expected to pay for a session that has been canceled 24-hours in advance?

No. 🙂

Why do psychotherapists have this policy in place regarding paying for missed sessions if a cancellation does not occur at least 24-hours ahead of time?

It's common practice for psychotherapists to instill such a policy since that missed appointment can often times be used to schedule other appointments for that week.