Healing & Creative

Tapping into the reservoirs of creativity and healing is achieved through working with one's inherent functional psycho-anatomy (complexes, archetypes, ego, etc.). Psychological healing is an intrinsic and creative process that sometimes calls for the assistance of a professional.

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Assessment & Treatment Planning

For some, dream work and intra-psychic analysis is what's necessary, while for others it may require a Cognitive Behavioral approach. Whatever your case, we will utilize the necessary approach to foster healing.

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Confidential & Personal

Sessions are personal, warm, and confidential. Creating a safe and welcoming environment to allow you to share the deepest and darkest aspects of yourself. You will never be pushed to share things you're not ready to talk about. Also, I abide by the highest ethical standards to safeguard your identity.

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Depth Psychology


Depth psychology is the study of unconscious thought/emotional processes. It utilizes dream work, imaginal & archetypal psychology, the arts, music, and story telling. Psyche is comprised of all that is conscious and unconscious. Often times, the symptoms experienced consciously are symbolic of psychological processes and functions that are unconscious.

Although consciousness can create the illusion of understanding and controlling everything about the self, people sometimes suffer from thought and emotional disturbances that appear to be autonomous.

One can be overcome and possessed by psychological processes that the conscious attitude cannot fully grasp or control. The sudden overcoming of tears, the uncontrollable burst of anger, or the sudden delving into the creative repositories within are examples of the magnificent unconscious processes that are present.

Re-positioning the ego in relation to these psychological functions (complexes, archetypes, etc.) through awareness can allow one to regain control of their lives.


Next Steps...

You have taken one of the most difficult steps towards healing: searching for help. Please browse through my site and if what you read resonates with you, contact me to schedule an in-person consultation. Feel free to give me a call for a phone consult if you're not sure whether or not we would be a good fit to navigate to the depths of your psyche.